Introduction to Chaos

Welcome to my new site, which I’ve started for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I believe markets have reached the point in which my analytical process and way of thinking can help others navigate challenging conditions. Secondly, I’ve reached a career inflection point and am trying to figure out whether I can find a way to spend my time doing something I enjoy.

You can read more about how I analyze markets in the About page of this site. I began posting more frequently this past fall on my personal Twitter handle, @jucojames, and began following a lot of people offering research via a subscription model. I have not come across an analytical process which seems to follow my own, and believe my skills may have value in the marketplace.

I plan on posting regular commentary via this site and for now offering various investment and trading models for free to gather some market research and input from anyone who is gracious enough to take the time to share. Please let me know what you think.